Adams Co. Health Dept. inspects fair food

Adams Co. Health Dept. inspects fair food

As the Adams County Fair kicks off, how safe is the food at the fair?

The Adams County Fair is tradition for Jacob Creekpaum.

He and his family spent the day setting up their rib-eye steak stand but they know how important it is to keep the stand sanitary so they’re constantly cleaning and washing their hands.

“Every time you cook something you need to wash your hands,” said Creekpaum. “As soon as you leave the trailer, you need to wash your hands and when you come back into the trailer you need to wash your hands.”

Creekpaum and the other workers use rags dipped in bleach to wipe things clean. They check the bucket those are held in often.

“We’re going to test our bleach water,” said Creekpaum. “We’ll dip it in and take it out to match it on the scale to see where it’s at. Right now it’s showing 10 pm and we need to add some more bleach to make it 50 ppm.”

All of that set up is to make sure they pass the food inspection by the Adams County Health Department.

Food inspectors are at the fair every day looking for different things like how cold food is being kept in the refrigerator.

“I’m going to take a temperature here real quick. We got raw hamburger at about 37 degrees, that will work. As long as it’s below 41 I’m good,” said Josh Johnson with the health department.

But sometimes the inspection doesn’t quite go as planned. Johnson found a mini fridge was not keeping milk cold enough. Something the vendor will have to fix.

“It’s not exactly working the way it should because it’s not keeping things cold enough,” said Johnson.

If the vendor passes the inspection, they get a certificate to put up at their stand.

The health department says they won’t usually take those away if an issue arises as long as it’s something that can be fixed within 24 hours.

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