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The rule of zero, or six, is one of the advanced rules in modern C++. I wrote in my current book “C++ Core Guidelines Explained: Best Practices for Modern C++” about them. Today, I want to quote the relevant parts of my book in this post.                   …

17 January 2023 In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) is publishing frequent UK mortality analysis through its mortality monitor. Today’s updates cover week 1 of 2023 (to 6 January), based on provisional England & Wales deaths data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 17 January 2023. This …

Like most technologies, search engines are both good and bad at the same time. They’re good because they open up vast resources of information. Today, our ability to know things instantly would seem like magic to previous generations. At the same time, precisely because searching is so easy, we’ve become habitual for googling for each …

Super apps are having a moment in Africa. Not long ago, Kenya’s Safaricom, the country’s leading telco, launched the M-Pesa super app. Not to be outdone, South Africa’s leading telco, Vodacom, followed suit with its own super app, VodaPay — developed in partnership with China’s Alipay. And last November, Algerian super app Yassir announced a …

2021 What Do Hackathons Do? Understanding Participation in Hackathons Through Program Theory Analysis Jeanette Falk, Aarhus University; et al. Gopinaath Kannabiran, University of CopenhagenNicolai Brodersen Hansen, Aalborg University Falx: Synthesis-Powered Visualization Authoring Chenglong Wang, University of Washington; et al. Yu Feng, University of California, Santa BarbaraRastislav Bodik, University of WashingtonIsil Dillig, University of Texas at …

I was in charge of managing a dedicated server running Debian 7, the server hosts multiple websites with email service, the server hosts also multiple instances of a critical web application, for a client who is running a business across different regions. That day was a very important day, as the client was expecting his …

The feature we were debating was for a mobile app that didn’t have a large number of users at this stage. That is the second piece to consider: customer impact. For systems that have broad customer impact, more consideration needs to be taken. If millions of users are going to be affected by a certain …

Asking again in hope this that this thread might gain more traction than my last attempt. This was inspired by the recent post asking about National Labs Essentially I’d like to hear from people who have worked at private research institutes, like Simons Foundation or Allen Institute, at any level, and how it compares/contrasts …


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