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Peathegee Inc/Getty Images/Tetra images RF Peathegee Inc/Getty Images/Tetra images RF In the 1960s and ’70s, The 2,000 Year-Old Man, was popular a comedy routine performed by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Brooks played a 2,000 year-old man – apparently in terrific health – and Reiner, a modern man, would ask him questions, including if he’d …

A Netherlands court has ordered a ban on sales of F-35 parts to Israel, citing a “clear risk” that they could be used in violations of humanitarian law. The Dutch Court of Appeals made its decision on Monday following an application from several human rights organisations that are concerned about Israeli war crimes in the …

The hot end of the EasyThreed K9 is actually pretty nifty. (Credit: [Thomas Sanladerer]) Recently, [Thomas Sanladerer] bought an EasyThreed K9 off AliExpress for a mere €72, netting him an FDM printer with a 10 x 10 x 10 cm build volume. The build plate is unheated, with optional upgrade, and there is no display …

Amazon is revamping its Alexa voice assistant as it prepares to launch a new paid subscription plan this year, according to internal documents and people familiar with the matter. But the change is causing internal conflict and may lead to further delay. Tentatively named “Alexa Plus,” the paid version of Alexa is intended to offer …

With the onslaught of copyright infringement lawsuits being filed against OpenAI, Anthropic and other major generative AI providers for training models on proprietary data that is often being regurgitated verbatim back to users, there has been a corresponding surge in commentary on the treatment of AI by, in particular, US and EU copyright law. In …

I’m building a video conferencing app designed to facilitate better remote piano lessons. My hope is to solve a lot of the challenges piano tutors and new students deal with when taking lessons through Skype/Zoom. It leverages WebRTC’s data transmission to send media, MIDI state, and (eventually) send sheet music files and other musical data. …

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest Redmi gaming monitor with the launch of the Redmi G Pro 27-inch monitor. This cutting-edge gaming monitor is currently going at an impressively low pre-sale price of 2,199 yuan (~$310). The Redmi G Pro 27 boasts impressive features and specifications The Redmi G Pro boasts a 27-inch Mini-LED panel and …

The shodan command-line interface is powered by x-cmd, mainly using posix shell, awk and curl. x shodan – The shodan command-line interface is powered by x-cmd, mainly using posix shell, awk and curl Examples ​ Interactively view information for port in a UI table sh x shodan host ls x shodan host ls …


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