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Work in progress

KiCanvas is in alpha. This is a proposed API with an incomplete implementation. Everything here is subject to change and you should be cautious if using it on your own web page.

The <kicanvas-embed> HTML element embeds one or more KiCAD documents onto the page:

<kicanvas-embed src="my-schematic.kicad_sch"></kicanvas-embed>

The above example shows the most basic usage of the <kicanvas-embed> element. It’s usage is intentionally similar to the <video> and <img> elements. Through the use of additional attributes you can control how the document is displayed, control interactivity, and load multiple files.


This page’s format is modeled after MDN’s HTML elements reference. It’s intended to be familiar to web developers.


During alpha, the best way to install KiCanvas is to download the bundled kicanvas.js, copy it into your project, and include it with a script tag:

<script type="module" src="/kicanvas.js"></script>



This example embeds a single document and enables only basic controls- such as pan, zoom, select, & download:

<kicanvas-embed src="my-schematic.kicad_sch" controls="basic"> </kicanvas-embed>

Using controls="full", the viewer gains the sidebar and info panels:

<kicanvas-embed src="my-schematic.kicad_sch" controls="full"> </kicanvas-embed>

You can disable specific controls and panels using controlslist. This example hides the download button:


Deep linking

Not yet implemented

This functionality hasn’t been implemented yet

This example shows that if you give the <kicanvas-embed> element an id, you can deep link into it using #[id]:[reference]:

<kicanvas-embed id="my-schematic" src="my-schematic.kicad_sch" controls="basic">

<a href="#my-schematic:Q101">Link to Q101</a>

Multiple files

This example shows how to use <kicanvas-source> to load multiple files.

<kicanvas-embed controls="full">
    <kicanvas-source src="project.kicad_prj"></kicanvas-source>
    <kicanvas-source src="schematic1.kicad_sch"></kicanvas-source>
    <kicanvas-source src="schematic2.kicad_sch"></kicanvas-source>
    <kicanvas-source src="board.kicad_pcb"></kicanvas-source>

You can switch between the displayed files using the project panel on the right side. Note that if the files are all part of the same project, then the root schematic will be shown by default. If they are unrelated, the first schematic will be shown.

Inline source

Not yet implemented

This functionality hasn’t been implemented yet

This example shows how to use <kicanvas-source> along with inline KiCAD data. In this case, it’s a symbol copied from a schematic and pasted into the HTML source:

    <kicanvas-source type="schematic">
        (lib_symbols (symbol "power:+12V" (power) (pin_names (offset 0)) (in_bom
        yes) (on_board yes) (property "Reference" "#PWR" (at 0 -3.81 0) (effects
        (font (size 1.27 1.27)) hide) ) ...


Not yet implemented

Attributes marked with a ⚠️ are either not yet implemented or not completely implemented.

  • controls – determines if the document is interactive (pan, zoom, etc.) and which controls are available.
    • none – document is not interactive and behaves like an <img> (default)
    • basic – zoom, pan, and select are available.
    • full – complete interactive viewer, including side panels.
  • controlslist – further customizes the available controls.
    • nooverlay – don’t show the “click or tap to interact” overlay.
    • nofullscreen – don’t show the fullscreen button. ⚠️
    • nodownload – don’t show the download button.
    • download – show the download button when used with controls=”none”. ⚠️
    • nosymbols – don’t show the schematic symbols panel. ⚠️
    • nofootprints – don’t show the board footprints panel. ⚠️
    • noobjects – don’t show the board objects panel. ⚠️
    • noproperties – don’t show the selection properties panel. ⚠️
    • noinfo – don’t show the document info panel. ⚠️
    • nopreferences – don’t show the user preferences panel. ⚠️
    • nohelp – don’t show the help panel. ⚠️
  • src – the URL of the document to embed. If you want to show multiple documents within a single viewer, you can use multiple child <kicanvas-source> elements.
  • theme – sets the color theme to use, valid values are kicad and witchhazel. ⚠️
  • zoom – sets the initial view into the document. ⚠️
    • objects – zooms to show all visible objects (default). ⚠️
    • page – zooms to show the entire page. ⚠️
    • x y w h – zooms to the given area, similar to the SVG viewBox attribute. For example, 10 10 100 100. ⚠️
    • <list of references> – zooms to include the given symbols or footprints. For example C101 D101 Q101. ⚠️


Not yet implemented

This functionality hasn’t been implemented yet

Event Name Fired When
⚠️ kicanvas:click The user clicks or taps within the embedded document
⚠️ kicanvas:documentchange The currently displayed document is changed, either through user interaction or programmatically.
⚠️ kicanvas:error An error occurs while loading source files
⚠️ kicanvas:load All sources files have been successfully loaded
⚠️ kicanvas:loadstart KiCanvas begins loading source files
⚠️ kicanvas:select The user selects (or deselects) an object within the document

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