Meaningful Code Tests for Busy Devs

Meaningful Code Tests for Busy Devs

Write code that works
the way you meant it to

By analyzing your code, docstring, and comments, and by interacting with you,
TestGPT suggests tests as you code. All you have to do is accept and commit them.

def gaussian_elimination(
    coefficients: NDArray[float64], vector: NDArray[float64]) -> NDArray[float64]:
    if (check_valid_input(coefficients, vector) == False):
        return np.array((), dtype=float)

    rows, columns = np.shape(coefficients)

    # augmented matrix
    augmented_mat = create_augmented_matrix(coefficients, vector)

    # scale the matrix leaving it triangular
    augmented_mat = scale_matrix(augmented_mat, rows)

    x = retroactive_resolution_full_augmented_mat(augmented_mat, columns)
    return x

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