HN on Apple Vision Pro

Here is a summary of the discussion in markdown format with 5 major topics and highlights:

The $3,500 price tag was a topic of debate. Some felt it was worth it for the use cases:

As someone who travels for work, this is well worth 3500. To wear these on flights, in small hotel rooms, etc. is definitely a game changer. – motoxpro

Others felt it was too high, especially compared to existing alternatives:

Even if the Quest was $100 or $50, I wouldn’t buy it because its just not useful. -motoxpro

There are already half a dozen alternatives at $400-$1k type range that give you virtual monitors. eg: the XReal Air [0]. -zmmmmm

My view is that for early adopters and certain professional use cases, the price may be justified, but to reach mainstream adoption, a lower price point will likely be needed.

A popular use case discussed was using the Vision Pro as an external monitor replacement.

I don’t see these as “metaverse” glasses or VR as much as a $3500 display. -motoxpro

From the video, you can turn the headset into an external display for your Mac[0]. This is critical since I’m doubtful I’d be able to get much work down in visionOS alone. -varenc

However, the limited battery life and bulkiness were cited as downsides for this use case. The Vision Pro may work best as a secondary display rather than a full laptop replacement.

There was discussion around the computing capabilities and software of the Vision Pro. Some felt it could replace their laptop:

You should be able to use the headset alone as a “ipad pro” experience, computing power. -ncr100

But others pointed out the limited battery life would make this difficult:

The Vision Pro has 2 hours of battery life. You’re not exactly going to replace your laptop with it.-kllrnohj

The software and UI shown in the demo also received some skepticism regarding productivity. More details on the Vision OS are needed to fully evaluate its capabilities.

Using the Vision Pro in public and on flights brought up discussions around privacy and the reactions of others.

It’ll probably work well until you start making the “boob honking” gesture with your hands. Then we’ll be able to tell. -moduspol

Strapping something to your face, noise cancelling headphones in, you’ve become basically unapproachable for anyone around you. -graypegg

Passthrough mode and the ability to stay aware of your surroundings were cited as ways to address some of these concerns. Social acceptance of wearable devices may also increase over time.

There were frequent comparisons to VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, as well as smart glasses like Google Glass.

I have no use for video games so the Quest stuff with the controllers never made sense. -motoxpro

in retrospect, google glasses wasn’t a bad form factor all along than these ski googles! -rldjbpin

The Vision Pro was seen as differentiated from gaming-focused VR, but the bulky form factor invited comparisons to the ill-fated Google Glass. The technology and use cases of the Vision Pro appear more compelling, but form factor and social acceptance remain open questions.

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