Exclusive Telegram Group for Early-Stage Founders

Is my startup idea safe in the group?
Confidentiality and trust are crucial in the group, and members are expected to respect each other’s ideas.

What if I don’t have much progress to share?
The group encourages consistent growth, so even small wins are valuable and worth sharing.

Can I rejoin if I’m eliminated?
Yes, you can apply to join a new cohort for a fresh start and another chance at success.

Will spectators give feedback on my progress?
Spectators can provide support and constructive feedback, adding value to your startup journey.

Is the entry fee refundable if I’m eliminated early?
The fee is non-refundable but provides valuable lessons and connections throughout your participation.

Can my team join the group as well?
Yes, teams can join together, but each member must pay the entry fee and participate individually.

What if there are too many applicants?
Multiple cohorts will be created to accommodate more participants and maintain group quality.

How can I be sure this will benefit my startup?
Startup Survivor offers networking, feedback, exposure, and motivation to drive your startup’s growth.

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