Ask HN: Have you heard of a private equity firm focused on cutting cloud costs?

Every once in a while I see posts discussing how ridiculously overpriced cloud providers are (e.g. the recent “How Ahrefs Saved US$400M in 3 Years by NOT Going to the Cloud”

As someone who works with AWS/Azure/GCP a lot I’ve always found these articles to be mostly overblown PR-seeking pieces, but self-hosting IS much cheaper for many applications if you have the right team to manage your servers.

Has anyone here ever encountered a private equity firm that focuses on acquiring sizable cloud-hosted software companies and converting them to run on self-hosted colo servers in order to radically improve profit margins?

It seems like a difficult act to pull off, but if any of these “we’re saving SO MUCH MONEY self-hosting” people can actually run insanely cheap servers with similar robustness/security levels as the major cloud providers then it’s a massive business opportunity for such a team.

Anyone capitalizing on this?

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