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population ~ 4.954 accounts

active users ~ 2.205people

servers > 107 instances


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  • network logo colour iconFriendica
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The multi-purpose Hubzilla network is home to nomads and power users. It includes a significant number of features and granular settings. Take your time to explore all of them. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to post to developer forums or ask the community. Hubzilla is well connected to the rest of Fediverse and will let you follow users from most other federated networks.

Hubzilla interface
Hubzilla interface


  • granular privacy settings
  • polls
  • forums
  • file sharing
  • expiring posts
  • nomadic identity
  • events
  • calendar
  • encrypting comments with passphrase


  • By default Hubzilla account federates only within Hubzilla network. You need to turn on ActivityPub and diaspora plugins in profile settings in order to connect with your friends from other networks
  • Sharing files is possible only between Hubzilla users, friends from other networks will not have access to shared files

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join the network

network logo colour icon Choose a server with open registrations and create an account:

network logo colour icon Choose a mobile application from the available ones:


Please, keep in mind that you are a participant, not a customer. DONATE

If you’d like to help the Hubzilla network grow, you can contribute in different ways.

  1. Donate to development team or the administrator of your server (if you have the means to do that).
  2. Set up your own instance, to make federation stronger and healthier, with many small servers.
  3. Spread the word. Invite your friends. Explain why it’s important.
  4. Contribute with code. Send a pull request. Resolve an issue. Take a bounty.
  5. Help translating. Design promo materials. Print and distribute stickers.

Thank you. See you in Hubzilla.

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