EMT Palma Invests About 600,000 Euros To Standardize Bus Technology

EMT Palma Invests About 600,000 Euros To Standardize Bus Technology

emt palma have invested 584.209 euro which will be used for update notification screen located inside buses And this front indicator line of

This investment is intended standardization of technology present in new buses and in those that are already being built with those ancient raft and allows to install the total 77 New Informative Monitors inside buses and Upgrade up to 60 exterior panels Indicators of lines and destinations present in the fleet of old buses.

Overall, EMT Palma’s investment in refurbishing these elements provides a clear information to passengers At the next stop, information on the combination of lines and schedules and routes, total 584,209 euro,

On the one hand, they were honored 60 exterior panels line indicator for 325,959. an amount of euro VAT is included in the Hanover company.

These outer panelAllows, among other benefits computerized synccontributes better visibilityaccept it low maintenance and they are compatible various computer programs,

related to informational monitor for installing inside buses, awarded for an amount of 258.250 Euro In the company Etra Bonal.

These keeps an eye on They are TFT screens with LED backlighting, light sensor and better legibility and sharpness which are will update automatically Will contribute more along the way passenger information About next stops, schedules and notices. In addition, they will allow the projection of video.

These elements, which provide stop notificationCombination of routes and lines will allow older buses to run same technology That one hundred new buses and 65 which should come from this year.

These two projects achieve funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU – Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan through the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

EU objectives

The priorities of the European Union are: digitizationbe the first continent climate neutral (Green Deal), create one investment climate more attractive and job position of quality (serving the people in an economy), protecting and promoting EU price further strengthen Democracy against outside interference.

In other words, building a Europe Green, digital and flexible,

The projects included in the call of the Ministry are aimed at: Ecological transition, digital transformation, social and regional cohesion and gender equality,

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