Rebel Wilson locked her high school teacher in cupboard as ‘revenge’

Rebel Wilson locked her high school teacher in cupboard as 'revenge'


Rebel Wilson may have been an overachiever in high school, but she was no goody-two-shoes.

Wilson appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tuesday night to promote her Netflix comedy “Senior Year,” in which Wilson plays a 37-year-old cheerleader who wakes up from a 20-year coma. The “Pitch Perfect” actress took a trip down memory lane with host Jimmy Kimmel, bringing a copy of her high school yearbook to leaf through.

Wilson, who attended an all-girls Christian boarding school, said that while she was a good student, she was also “a little bit cheeky.” The actress then revealed that she pulled a diabolical prank on one of her teachers.

“In the boarding house, I would mastermind the escapes because there was a boys school next door,” Wilson told Kimmel. “We had bars on our windows — it was that type of good Christian school. And then I would organize the escapes to go. I’d work out all the passcodes for the alarms, like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ Then one time, I locked a teacher in a cupboard for four hours.”

Granted, Wilson said, the teacher was “mean” and “it was really good revenge.” 

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Looking back, Wilson said she feels differently about the incident, adding that her teacher cried after being pushed into the cupboard. “I know it’s a bit bad. I feel a bit bad now,” she said.

“She could never tell which girl it was that pushed her in,” Wilson continued. “So, they lined us up and were like, ‘Which one was it?’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t say anything, guys. Don’t say anything.’ And then no one ratted me out.”

When Kimmel joked that Wilson must have “commanded a lot of respect” at the school for classmates to cover for her, Wilson shared she had her own kind of star power back then.

“I was voted deputy head girl, which is kind of like the second most popular girl at the school,” Wilson said. “Which is why I’m on the front cover of the (yearbook).”

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