Podcast: The Earth Disease: Offsetting the Health Care Industry’s Carbon Footprint

Podcast: The Earth Disease: Offsetting the Health Care Industry's Carbon Footprint

The health care industry is among the most carbon-intensive service sectors in the industrialized world. It is responsible for 4.4–4.6 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and similar fractions of toxic air pollutants, largely stemming from fossil fuel combustion.

In the second episode of The Earth Disease, journalist Jared Downing explores ways that the health care industry is working to curb its carbon footprint.

Jared produced this series in 2021 as part of the Health Affairs Podcast Fellowship Program.

Guests on this episode include Dr. Ashish Jha, Bob Biggio from Boston Medical Center, Jeff Thompson formerly from the Gundersen Health System, and Gary Cohen from Healthcare Without Harm.

At the time of this recording, Dr. Jha was the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. He is currently the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator and Counselor to the President. The views represented in this podcast are his own.

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