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A “miracle” flood rescue has been carried out in Kangaroo Valley.

Emergency services said a driver became lost in a rural area of Kangaroo Valley after following the wrong GPS coordinates, before he went down a one way street and attempted to cross a flooded causeway.

Fire and Rescue NSW Chad Wallace told 9News the car was washed off the causeway, which had half a metre of water on it.

“He was swept 200 metres down the creek bouncing off trees and the riverbank then came to rest against a tree with around 20 metres of flowing water around him,” he said.

Mr Wallace described the rescue as a “superhuman” multiagency response and the driver was brought to safety with no significant injuries.

“It was a superhuman effort from the helicopter pilot and helicopter crew who were able to winch a crewman down to the man…he was able to lasso the driver and pull him out,” he said.

He added there are puppies in the car, who are reportedly safe, and emergency services are working out a way to rescue the dogs.

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