Breaking the ice to overcome ethnic food intimidation

Breaking the ice to overcome ethnic food intimidation

ASIATOWN, Ohio (WOIO) – Venturing into unknown food territory can be intimidating for anyone, which is exactly why Andy Ng and his wife started an Asian grocery tour and tasting business about seven years ago in Cleveland.

He lives in the heart of AsiaTown and through his “Ice or Rice” venture, introduces people to Asian cuisine and culture.

“We’re basically a company that helps educate people about anything they might not know about Asian food,” Ng told 19 News.

“I completely understand why people would be intimidated by ethnic markets [and] things they’re not familiar with, because they don’t know what to do with them,” he said.

The business was born out of his own experience. Ng said he was shopping in a European market in Northeast Ohio and due to his unfamiliarity with many of the products, he left empty handed.

What started as an idea has grown over the years; Ng and his wife post videos online to share their own cooking and knowledge of Asian comfort food, focusing on Chinese, Japanese and Malay cooking.

“It’s something families center their gatherings around,” he said. “When you’re sharing your food you’re sharing a piece of yourself as well as wishing them fortune, luck and everything that’s in your heart.”

For more information Ice or Rice tours, visit them online.

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