Burglar Takes Shower After Breaking into US Couple’s House, Owner Finds Him in Towel

Burglar Takes Shower After Breaking into US Couple’s House, Owner Finds Him in Towel

In a bizarre incident, a man in California was nabbed by the cops after he broke into a house and took a shower in the homeowner’s bathroom. The accused, who has been charged with burglary came face-to-face with the owner of the house Steve Bauer who found the former wearing nothing but a towel. Bauer said he was alerted by his wife after she heard the sound of running water from their room upstairs. Reports said at around 11 PM after hearing the sound of water, Bauer’s wife, who was watching TV, alerted him about a possible break-in at their house. He then took his gun and proceeded to go upstairs to check the source of the noise. Although Bauer may have been expecting a confrontation, but he was shocked to see the burglar on the stairs, wearing just a towel after taking a shower, the LAD Bible said.

Bauer, who spoke to CNN said the burglar, later identified as Carrola Tiago-Freitas entered the house by breaking in after he smashed a ceramic bunny, a garden ornament and then came through a glass panel in the door. Bauer’s wife, who was watching television panicked and alerted her husband.

Bauer said his wife woke up and informed him about the noise. “Get the gun, there’s somebody upstairs.”

“I grabbed the gun. I don’t keep it loaded, but I can do it pretty darn quickly and that’s what I did. I got to the bottom of the stairs, and as I start to turn around the stairs, he was coming down the stairs wrapped in a towel – about as surreal as it could get. I said, ‘What on earth are you thinking?” Bauer was quoted as saying.

The man, 25 years of age was then held at gunpoint by Bauer until the cops arrived and took him away.

Such bizarre incidents of robbery gone wrong have been aplenty. A couple months ago, in a hilarious incident, a burglar who had broken into a house in Thailand to steal valuables became tired and fell asleep. But in an unfortunate twist for him, the house belonged to a police officer. The burglar was woken up from his slumber by the cop and he was arrested for trespassing.

In a similar incident last year, a thief fell asleep in the comfort of an AC room in the course of his burglary in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district. The man had entered the unlocked house and found the cash but when he saw the air conditioner switched on in one of the rooms where the house owner was also sleeping, he couldn’t resist the temptation and curled up under the cot to doze off. The house owner was soon alerted by the burglar’s snores and called the cops.

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