Breaking: Accused SF HR Department serial forger Rebecca Sherman hit with felony charges from DA

Breaking: Accused SF HR Department serial forger Rebecca Sherman hit with felony charges from DA

Rebecca Sherman, the former San Francisco Department of Human Resources investigator who last year confessed in writing to a bizarre series of lies culminating in the alleged fabrication of a $514,000 settlement, was today charged with two felony counts of forgery by the District Attorney. 

Sherman’s alleged misdeeds were first made known to a large percentage of city government via a Sept. 18, 2020 mass email penned by then-Department of Human Resources manager Micki Callahan with the eye-popping subject line “Corruption at DHR.” 

In that communique, Callahan referred to Sherman as a “rogue employee” who deleted records from the HR Department’s database, forged text messages, and, finally, crafted a bogus settlement for a Black Muni worker named Kathy Broussard who had been racially bullied at work. Sherman purportedly affixed several signatures to it that were not her own — including those of two city attorneys. 

Sherman confessed to all this in a written apology penned to Deputy City Attorney Katie Porter. Mission Local obtained that letter via a public records request. 

One of the many city employees who received Callahan’s alarming email was DA Chesa Boudin. On Sept. 21, 2020 he told Mission Local he’d open a criminal investigation into Sherman’s alleged actions. Today his office announced a pair of felony forgery charges in the case. 

“My office will not tolerate those who work in San Francisco’s government agencies defrauding the very people they are entrusted to serve,” Boudin said in a statement. “The people who live and work in San Francisco deserve to have confidence that government employees act and communicate in good faith.”

Sherman, who surrendered today and was booked, is facing a possible three year and eight month jail term (which is half-time eligible). Her arraignment date will be July 15.

While Sherman’s case wends its way through the system, larger questions remain regarding the office where she worked for five years. Callahan’s mea culpa email was prompted by one sent days earlier by the city’s Black Employees Alliance. 

That letter alleged that “multiple employees” who had filed discrimination complaints “were manipulated, aggrieved, assaulted and defrauded” by the Department of Human Resources and its Equal Opportunity Office — and provided with “fraudulent” settlement agreements.

The Black Employee Alliance letter further claimed that the HR Department is biased against African American employees and “is dysfunctional and is in need of new leadership.” It called for the dismissal and investigation of Callahan, as well as Linda Simon, the director of the EEO office.

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