Airman’s military working dog equipment stolen after car break-ins

Airman’s military working dog equipment stolen after car break-ins

Thieves targeted a hotel to break into cars, and one of the victims is an airman who’s training in S.A. The suspects stole all of his gear and trashed his truck.

SAN ANTONIO — Thieves targeted a hotel parking lot to break into multiple cars. One of the victims, an airman who is training in San Antonio after serving overseas, said the suspects stole all of his gear and trashed his truck.

Over Memorial Day weekend, thieves broke into several cars that were parked at the Candlewood Suites Hotel located on Highway 90. Air Force Staff Sergeant Tim Emery who has been staying at the hotel was one of the victims. He’s a military working dog handler who has been stationed overseas and currently, training in the Alamo City.

I just got back from being stationed in Belgium and now, being down here is my first introduction back to America. Staying in San Antonio within the first 6 months, this was a welcoming home back to the states,” said Emery. “I felt vulnerable to see how quick someone can come and take your possessions and take advantage.”

He recorded surveillance video from one of the hotel’s camera that showed two people behind the thefts. Emery said 5 vehicles were targeted in one day. Majority of the cars belonged to service members including a second airman who said he had about $1,500 worth of valuables stolen from his car.

The surveillance video shows one suspect crawl into Emery’s truck to steal items. He said the thieves took his military working dog equipment and other belongings that totaled about $1,000. The suspects also severely damaged his hard bed cover, scratched the paint down to the metal and smashed in his window. Emery said he had been saving money to purchase his new truck.  

“It holds a lot of sentimental value to me because it’s the first time I’ve been able to buy myself something this nice and you know, have something to show for my work,” said Emery. “There’s no need to destroy my belongings. If I would have came down to the parking lot and seen them, I would have given them money to help them out if they needed money.”

While the suspect’s faces were not clearly visible on the surveillance video, the hotel was able to capture identifiable information.

“That individual was seen in the parking lot the next two nights in a row, scoping out trying to find more victims and they did manage to get their license plate on a better camera,” said Emery.

Emery said he hopes the hotel will increase security to prevent future break-ins. He’s asked the hotel to help cover his losses but said management has not given him an answer. KENS 5 reached out to Candlewood Suites Hotel for comment, but have yet to hear back. A San Antonio Police Department spokesperson said no arrests have been made but investigators have strong leads on suspect information.

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