Pool Cleaner Using Latest Technology for the Best Cleaning Cycle and Maximum Coverage is Now Available for Summer Swimming

Pool Cleaner Using Latest Technology for the Best Cleaning Cycle and Maximum Coverage is Now Available for Summer Swimming

Unlike most pool cleaners that randomly clean and crash into pool walls, the cordless AIPURY1500, using innovative smart clean technology, automatically scans the pool and stops at the center to plan cleaning routes, ensuring every corner of the pool is cleaned. With its three-axis motor, the AIPURY1500 turns flexibly, leaving no dead corners. 

The AIPURY1500 comes with enhanced battery life, with one charge generating 90 minutes of operation, and it stops along the pool when the rechargeable battery is running out. The device cleans pools up to 1,614 square feet and, with 65 watts of power, the AIPURY1500 easily sucks out leaves, sand, insects and other pool debris. Its large top-load filter cartridges offer superior filtering abilities and the device is able to trap and lock in all stubborn dirt and debris for optimal cleaning.

The AIPURY1500 does not require installation. The user simply presses a switch, drops it into the pool and leaves its smart systems to do all the hard work. Anti-rollover technology prevents the cleaner from falling and turning upside down on the bottom of the pool.

The AIPURY1500 operates under Aiper Smart’s tenet, “Cleaning Made Clever, Life Made Simple.”

Like all of Aiper Smart’s products, the AIPURY1500 is a hyper-smart automatic cleaning solution designed to take care of the pool so that homeowners can finally break free from the burden of heavy, uninspiring and repetitive housework and turn their free time into fun and totally hassle-free relaxation.

While initially focused on the creation of automatic pool cleaners and robots, energized by the astounding success of Aiper Smart core appliances, the company expanded its product range with a comprehensive family of smart cleaning devices for communities and families around the world.

“Our trendsetting approach is what drives us toward our primary goal: to bring the reliable quality of a clever cleaning pal into every home, at an incredibly affordable cost for every household, with ultra-rapid shipping and a mindful customer service team infallibly happy to welcome you,” said an Aiper Smart spokesperson.

Designed to be affordable, the AIPURY1500 is now being offered with a $450 summer discount on the Aiper Smart website. Aiper Smart offers free shipping in the United States on eligible items.

For more information about the AIPURY1500 and the discount coupon, visit aipersmart.com or Amazon.

About Aiper Smart

Aiper Smart is an international, experienced provider of smart cleaning devices for your home, yard, swimming pool and everything in between, and is on a mission to smartify and simplify everyone’s cleaning duties, making space for a truly hassle-free life. Since 2017, we’ve been offering first-rate cleaning devices to cover all your home needs, starting from our most successful core products: cordless robotic pool cleaners, specifically designed to offer the perfect balance between top-quality, all-embracing functionality and durability at the most affordable price.

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