BREAKING | Nafiz Modack officially charged with Charl Kinnear’s murder

Nafiz Modack.

  • Alleged underworld figure Nafiz Modack has been charged with the murder of Charl Kinnear.
  • The Anti-Gang Unit member was assassinated outside his home in September.
  • Modack will also face attempted murder charges for a failed hand grenade attack on Kinnear.

Alleged Cape Town underworld boss Nafiz Modack, 39, and car salesman Ricardo Morgan, 36, have officially been charged with the murder of Anti-Gang Unit police officer, Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear.

Zane Kilian already stands charged with the murder of Kinnear outside his home in Bishop Lavis on 18 September 2020.

Morgan was granted R50 000 bail before a massive bail application in the Blue Downs Regional Court was postponed to Monday.

He already faced money laundering and racketeering charges before the Hawks confirmed the additional charge.

The Hawks confirmed on Friday that Modack and Morgan had been linked to the police killing, following the arrest of Killian.

Acting national Hawks Head Lieutenant General Tebello Mosikili said: “We sincerely hope that the family will find comfort on the additional arrest, as this brings us a step nearer to a closure.”   

Modack has also been charged with the attempted murder of Kinnear in November 2019, and being part of a hand grenade plot against the seasoned officer.

In the meantime, Modack’s lawyer complained bitterly that his client and co-accused’s application would only be heard on Monday.

Modack, Kilian, Jacques Cronje, Morgan and Anti-Gang Unit member Ashley Tabisher face an array of serious charges, ranging from Kinnear’s murder to the attempted murder of lawyer William Booth.

Tabisher’s lawyer said his client was “taking the fall” through his arrest.

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