Study finds nurses experiencing burnout, mental health issues after stress of pandemic


(WBNG) — On the heels of Nurse’s Appreciation Day, medical officials are discussing the toll the pandemic has taken on the mental health of those in the industry.

A new study by Ohio State University found more than half of nurses surveyed reported feeling anxious, with roughly 40% reported feeling symptoms of depression.

Local officials here in Broome County say that while physical ailments have gotten a lot of attention during the pandemic for its impact on people, mental health is also just as heavily making impacts.

UHS’s Director of Medical Education, Dr. Amine Hila told 12 News, “People are starting to talk about post-COVID brain fog and things like that, but also, just the general stress of the situation. A lot of depression, a lot of anxiety, and a lot of irritability.”

May marks National Mental Health month, and Dr.Hila says to remember to check up on your loved ones to see how they are doing.

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