Technology and Intellectual Property Litigation

Manatt Represents Medicaid Health Plans in 5th Circuit Health Insurance Fee Case


The stakes in patent disputes are profound. Often, such lawsuits involve core proprietary inventions and technologies on which a business is built. Manatt’s patent litigators bring the firepower and trial experience needed to win.

We assist clients through every step of the patent process, from preparation and prosecution of patent applications and post-grant proceedings—including inter partes review—before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to licensing and enforcement activities in federal courts and before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). Our attorneys frequently represent clients in high-volume patent jurisdictions such as the U.S. District Courts in California and the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas, as well as the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

When disputes arise, Manatt acts decisively from the first call. We provide end-to-end representation, guiding clients through all phases of bet-the-company suits against key competitors. Whether prosecuting or defending cases, our attorneys litigate aggressively with the goal of achieving a fast and fair resolution. Our renowned trial capabilities, intensive planning and willingness to defend your interests in court help you secure the outcome most friendly to your business needs—whether that is a precedent-setting jury trial victory or a swift, cost-effective settlement.

We also understand that the marriage of smart legal counsel and strong technical skills can make all the difference between success and failure in court. Our team includes attorneys and consultants with technical backgrounds in computer science, communications, networking, electrical components, Internet technology and mechanics. Manatt’s wide range of technical experience translates into an ability to step in seamlessly as your counsel, swiftly understand your technologies and patent claims, and cogently explain complex details to juries, judges and arbitrators.

Trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets

Novel technologies can build a company, but a globally recognized brand can define it. From logos and product packaging to slogans and protected trade secrets, intellectual property is often a company’s most valuable, customer-facing asset. In collaboration with our Advertising Litigation and Trademark and Copyright Litigation practices, Manatt’s IP litigators help clients navigate complex disputes with millions of dollars at stake and produce precedent-setting victories.

When your trademarks—including trade names, domain names and associated logos, trade dress, and the closely connected “right of publicity”—are in jeopardy, our attorneys serve as the wardens of your global brand. We do not hesitate to use the full scope of enforcement and litigation tools available under state and federal laws and international treaties.

In the copyright arena, we frequently represent clients in guarding the value of works they have produced in content ownership and work-for-hire disputes. We file and defend such suits in courts throughout the United States, particularly in the entertainment and media industries.

Manatt also regularly advises clients defending their trade secrets from misappropriation by competitors or, often, departing employees and executives. Trade secrets can define your product and provide a significant advantage over alternatives, and their exposure can swiftly compromise your market position. When your secrets are revealed, our IP litigators act quickly to, first, prevent further disclosure and, second, hold those responsible to account under unfair competition, espionage and other trade secrets laws.

Who we work with

Manatt represents major multinational corporations and leading-edge emerging companies in industry sectors that have long played to Manatt’s strengths, including technology and telecommunications; health care, including life sciences and medtech; media and entertainment; financial services; and consumer products.

What we do

  • Patent litigation, prosecution and dispute resolution
  • Copyright, trademark and trade secret litigation
  • Database infringement and computer trespass
  • Domain name and cybersquatting disputes
  • Technology rights disputes arising from license agreements

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