Technology for Crop Stand Counts


Technology for Crop Stand Counts

Tim Hammerich
News Reporter

It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

When we think about ag technology, we often think about tools that growers can use. But some of the most useful technologies are not built for the farmer, but for a local professional that farmers rely on for advice. Matt Larson is one of those advisors. He’s the Agronomy Sales Manager for CHS in Holdredge, Nebraska. He’s started using FieldAgent by Sentera to help his farmer customers make better decisions.

Larson… “My salespeople would go out and we’d go to every grower’s quarter and we would do four or five yield checks. We’d drive the field with our four-wheeler, we’d go out there with a tape measure and do stand counts and make sure that things are the way they need to be, the products that we sell them are working. Fast forward to today. The first part of FieldAgent is it is a drone-driven system that takes imagery and brings that data back to a platform that can actually tell us what the stand counts are in a field.”

This gives Larson and his team more detailed information about how to manage the crop while saving them time.

Larson… “We’re spending less time guessing and bringing them five points. And more time bringing them not only a map that shows them what their stand counts are throughout the farm, but then also where are the trouble spots if there are any and solutions and if a field is flown at 10:00 AM, I could legitimately go out there and true those up and have that conversation with that grower by noon.”

Larson says the technology also provides him with tassel counts.

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