“There has been growth:” Dixie County turns 100 after breaking away from Lafayette County in 1921

“There has been growth:” Dixie County turns 100 after breaking away from Lafayette County in 1921

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CROSS CITY, Fla. (WCJB) – Making it to 100 is a significant milestone, and in 1921 Dixie County broke away from Lafayette County. To celebrate the county’s 100th birthday, hundreds of people lined the streets for a party.

“To me, it is us giving back. Basically saying thank you to our county, our community, and the people that are here,” said lifelong Dixie County resident Amanda Mills Nessmith.

The centennial parade included everyone from the community, including businesses, to the high school band.

“Their diversity, the diversity of different cultures, different backgrounds. We wanted to come as one,” explained parade coordinator Tammy Kelly.

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For people whose ancestors settled in the county, this was an opportunity to reflect on the growth over the past hundred years.

“In the past 23 years, there has been growth. When we were in school, the jobs were at the lumber mill or in the school system. or in the woods as our cousin her father does, but now there are so many different things,” according to Dixie County resident April Barber.

She believes this a community with unity. Her cousin Nessmith believes the family-like community doesn’t face the same problems that other communities face across the country.

“There is a lot going on in the world and in the nation, and you don’t see that in our community,” explained Nessmith. “We come together as a people and support and love each other no matter what.”

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For others, it the small details about the county that make the area unique.

“I feel like this county is special because it only has one road. You can sit right there at the corner and watch everything,” said Dixie County resident Niyonna Godbolt.

Leaders in the county sealed a time capsule to commemorate the 100th birthday, included were books about the county and even a face mask to represent the pandemic. Whether it’s the growth or the singular road that runs through the county, everybody can name a unique detail about this small-town community.

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