District Health Department #10 Issues Statement Over Confusion Regarding Quarantine Length

04 17 21 Dhd10 Order Confusion

District Health Department 10 says there has been some confusion on how long people should quarantine because of the platform used for contact tracing.

On Apr. 5th, the state changed quarantine guidance from 10 days back to 14 days.

However,  Trace-Force, the contact tracing platform, did not update their system to the 14-day quarantine rule until Apr. 15th.

For ten days, Trace-Force has been sending out letters telling people they need to quarantine for just ten days instead of the CDC recommendation of 14.

04 17 21 Dhd10 Order Confusion 2

District Health Department 10 says if you were identified as a close contact on or after Apr. 5th, you need to quarantine for 14 days, even if you received a letter from Trace-Force.

The health department states that schools and businesses should follow the new guidance.

They also say that showing proof of anti-bodies or a negative coronavirus test will reduce or end quarantine.

The only way close contacts can be excluded from quarantine is if a person has contracted the virus within the last 90 days or has been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks before being exposed.


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