Stafford ambulances include environmentally-friendly technology

Stafford ambulances include environmentally-friendly technology

Stafford County Fire and Rescue will roll out three new ambulances this month that feature cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology.

The new units will feature ZeroRPM technology, which allows essential functions such as heat and air condition to function on battery power, rather than engine idling. The reduction in engine idling hours will result in fewer vehicle emissions, usage of less fuel, and a reduction in maintenance due to reduced engine hours over the life of the ambulance.

“Partnering with Zero RPM to include this technology in our ambulances will be a tremendous benefit to the citizens of Stafford County, allowing us to continue to provide the same level of care and resources while reducing maintenance costs, emissions, and fuel consumption over the life of the vehicles,” said Stafford County Fire Chief Joseph Cardello.

ZeroRPM is an Alabama-based company that was founded in 2012. The goal of the company is to increase vehicle efficiency while reducing emissions by finding ways to continue to provide auxiliary power and eliminate engine idling. Stafford County will take delivery of three more identical units later this year.

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