Jared Goff contract restructure: Breaking down the biggest misconceptions

Jared Goff contract restructure: Breaking down the biggest misconceptions

The Detroit Lions made a significant move on Wednesday, restructuring Jared Goff’s contract in a move that clears up $15 million in cap space in the immediate, but pushes that cap hit across the next three years evenly. While it may represent a longer investment in Goff—a quarterback with a lot of accomplishments, but also someone who has gone through some serious struggles in the past two seasons—it also could have been a necessary move.

Regardless of your thoughts on the move, there were a lot of opinions and takes out there that may have been a little misguided. So, on Wednesday afternoon, myself, Erik Schlitt and Chris Perfett jumped on our Twitch and YouTube pages to break down the Goff extension and answer a few key questions about the move that has been the source of debate on social media and comment sections alike.

Questions like:

  • Does this mean the Lions are not drafting a quarterback in the first round?
  • Is Jared Goff now the locked-in starter for 2022? 2023?
  • Will this move hurt their ability to trade down in the draft?
  • Are they Lions mortgaging the future for right now?

The crew answers those questions and gives quick breakdowns on the signings of Alex Anzalone and Damion Ratley.

Check it out below on YouTube or over on our Twitch channel here.

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