New technology animates old photos

New technology animates old photos

NEW YORK — One photo is supposed to be worth a thousand words. 

What happens when it comes to life?

The next big thing available to the public is from a company called My Heritage —  what it creates is known as “deep nostalgia.” Simply upload a picture and it’s transformed.  

Social media posts, Facebook, and Instagram have racked up the views for My Heritage. The artificial intelligence that creates the moving image is called facial reenactment technology.

That technology was developed by D-ID. Their CEO and co-founder is Gil Perry. 

“We made ourselves the experts in faces around the world,” he said during an interview with PIX11 News. 

The challenge is making it look real. Proprietary computer algorithms understand the movement of faces.

According to the company’s website, with the artificial-intelligence technology, D-ID adds a new dimension to profile pictures, historical photos, or family portraits.

Their animation has made a splash because it is lifelike, created by a computer program that understands the way the face would move.

The next generation experience will be full body animation and it could eventually surround the viewer. Technology is moving quickly, making memories appear before our eyes. 

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