Therapy dogs bring welcomed break to Virginia Tech

Therapy dogs bring welcomed break to Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – Students at Virginia Tech are getting an unusual spring break visit on campus. Thursday, Feb. 25 marks the second spring break wellness day in lieu of a traditional week-long break

Derek is one of the school’s popular therapy dogs; he made his rounds bringing cheer to their days. He went to five different residence halls, making the best of the beautiful weather we had. The school is trying to discourage travel, so Derek and his handler wanted to still give students a break.

“I really feel for the kids not having the spring break week and understand why that’s a good choice, but we really feel called to go out and spend time with them and give them the special time with the dogs if that’s the least we can do,” Animal Assisted Therapy Coordinator Trent Davis said.

Davis said they really do care about the student experience on campus—that it’s more than just classes.

“We want to do our best to make it a quality time for them, as much as we can bring some normalcy perhaps back to it,” Davis said. “Derek doesn’t even know what COVID means so I think Derek really in a lot of ways represents that normal that we’re all missing.”

Davis wants to make best out of the unusual experience on campus by finding ways around isolation.

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