Bay Area women breaking barriers as one of 1st Eagle Scouts in 111-year history

Bay Area women breaking barriers as one of 1st Eagle Scouts in 111-year history

SAN ANSELMO, Calif. — It was a historic moment for a few Bay Area women as they claimed the honorable title as Eagle Scout, a first in its 111-year history.

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country,” one Eagle Scout said.

One of the first steps towards being a good person is that when you make a promise, you keep it. When you set a goal, you reach it. Scouts learn those values from the beginning.

If they’re perseverant, they prove it.

“It means being a leader and being driven,” said Gina Schneider.

“It was definitely very hard,” added Stefani Iojaca.

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“We did it nearly all together,” finished Bella Segova.

They are three of four freshly-minted women Eagle Scouts from Troop 1015 in San Anselmo. They are trail blazers in every way. Part of the first class of female Eagle scouts in 111 years.

“It says that scouting is aligning with the times. Inclusion,” said Lisa Linnenkol, the scoutmaster from Troop 1015.

Only five-percent of scouts earn the Eagle rank. Most young men take five or six years to earn that status. But, scouting’s change to allow women came so late that they had only two. The women had to do it in one-third of the time.

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On Friday, they showed off some of their projects. Bella planted a hillside that will blossom with wildflowers in Tiburon.

In San Anselmo, Stefanie ran a project to reroute a trail that had been eroding.

In two days, fifteen people covered the damaged trail with matting and added fencing to reroute traffic for now.

“How did you learn to build a fence?” we asked Stefani.

“You learn what you have to learn. You just have to dig the post holes.”

Just dig in. A lesson learned by three of the first female Eagle scouts, ever. Though from now on, gender should be irrelevant. Against all stereotypes, odds, and expectations, they set the goal to become Eagle scouts. A promise is a promise.

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