The viral video of flying dosa is breaking the internet

The viral video of flying dosa is breaking the internet

This Mumbai based eatery has tweaked the entire dosa experience by introducing this unique concept of ‘Flying Dosa’ and the netizens are amazed with the unusual style of preparation of these flying dosas.

You can’t miss out on street food, when in Mumbai and the flying dosa has turned out to be one of the coolest fads. Here’s what makes it so eye-grabbing…

The trick

Shree Balaji Dosa in South Mumbai’s Mangaldas Market has been a crowd magnet with their vast options of dosa, but what actually steals the show is their unique way of preparing the dosa and throwing it in the air, while another person catches the dosa and then serves with chutney, sambhar; But what makes the entire thing so interesting is the art of catching!

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What’s more

The video garnered over 84million views within a few hours of posting the video on a Facebook page of Street Food videos. While the internet is divided with reactions some netizens are amazed with the unique style of flipping the cooked dosas in the air with so much expertise that it can easily reach a customers plate and please the palates with the unique taste. However, some users called it disrespectful for food, while some came and supported the idea of earning a living by cooking food.

Well, what is your take on this unique style of flipping dosas in the air and then enjoying it?

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