Quest Helps WNC Upgrade Technology, Remote Learning

Quest Helps WNC Upgrade Technology, Remote Learning

Quest Technology Management profiled Western Nevada College Digital Campus and Technology Media Manager Troy Tingle in a recent newsletter.

Through WNC’s Digital Campus and Technology’s group and Tingle’s association with Quest, WNC has started upgrading its classroom technology to provide better service to faculty and students.

“Before we started working with Kevin Porsch (of Quest),” Tingle said, “our IT department was dealing with constant problems, from lost remote controls to instructors whose laptops could not sync with the display screen in the classroom. Instructor laptop access to classroom A-V projection systems can be critical in situations when specialized software is not available on the classroom teacher computer, such as QuickBooks

Most notably, Quest helped Western refine its remote learning platform after the health pandemic struck last spring. Even though the college benefitted from the distance learning infrastructure created by its rural and spread out student populations, that infrastructure needed to be updated for remote learning as the college moved to Zoom video conferencing in the classroom. In stepped Quest’s Porsch.

“Quest made it easy to set up Zoom Rooms, get the appropriate licensing, procure video camera equipment, deploy Zoom educational licensing and set up physical classrooms for hybrid learning,” Tingle said. “Cedar 204 (primarily used for WNC’s Paramedic program) is a Zoom-equipped classroom Quest helped design, procure equipment, and provided installation and programming.

“Kevin has done the research and he knows which device will give us the biggest bang for our buck,” Tingle said. “And Quest isn’t stuck with one vendor and pushing the thing they happen to sell. They’re really about being flexible and working with whatever vendors can provide the best service for the specific requirement. And that’s exactly what we need.”

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