Yakima man accused of breaking infant son’s leg charged with assault | Crime And Courts

Yakima man accused of breaking infant son's leg charged with assault | Crime And Courts

Yakima County Superior Court records show that Steve Robert Bueno posted $25,000 bail Feb. 8. He is expected to be arraigned in Yakima County Superior Court on second-degree assault charges Feb. 18.

Yakima police went to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Jan. 17 to investigate possible child abuse after Bueno and his girlfriend took their then-5-week-old child to the hospital with a broken leg.

Bueno’s girlfriend said she handed the baby to Bueno to dress while she showered, and he told her that the boy’s leg “popped” when he lifted it to put a diaper on the baby, according to court documents. The boy’s thigh had bruises that detectives described in a probable cause affidavit as looking like they were caused by adult fingers.

Hospital staff said the boy’s injury was not consistent with the explanation Bueno and his girlfriend gave, court documents said. A detective had Bueno recreate the incident with a doll, and said it would not have broken the boy’s leg, documents said.

The baby, who was put into protective custody, was taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital to fix the leg and for further examination for signs of child abuse. He had a “spiral fracture” of his left thigh bone, which would be the result of being twisted and was consistent with child abuse, the documents said.

Staff at the Seattle hospital also found a break in his right shin bone that was older than the broken leg, court documents said.

In addition to the baby, his 1-year-old brother was removed from the home by CPS.

While on bail, Bueno is required to check in every two weeks with court staff and will be receiving text reminders of court dates and weekly calls from the court under the pretrial release program.

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