Two rounds of snow, then record breaking low temperatures

Two rounds of snow, then record breaking low temperatures

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – Snow chances will pick up as the day goes on, continuing through the day and into tonight. It should come to an end early Saturday morning. 1 to 5 inches of snow are expected with the higher 3 to 5 inch amounts over Central Nebraska, then west northwestward into the Sandhills. Meanwhile, it will remain quite cold on Friday with high temperatures a few degrees either side of zero. Lows Friday night will drop into the single digits below zero. Winds will be somewhat breezy during the day at 5 to 15 mph, so wind chill values could be as cold as -15° to -25°.

Most of Saturday will be a brief break from snow with just a small chance of flurries much of the day. In fact, I anticipate at least a little bit of sunshine. It may get back to just above zero with highs in the low to mid single digits. Another system is set to bring a new round of snow late Saturday night through Sunday. It will then clear out Sunday evening. This one favors areas to the southwest with the highest chance and the highest amounts of snow. This could be another 1 to 5 inch type snow.
Lows Saturday night will be in the -5° to -13°. Wind chill values may still fall into the -15° to -30° range. Sunday will be a very cold day and most will see high temperatures no better than the single digits below zero. It may get to around 1° or 2° out west. Winds may be just breezy enough to keep wind chills down to between -20° and -30° during the day. As that system moves out Sunday night, a very cold night is in store. Actual air temperatures for lows are currently projected to drop to between -15° and -28°. Factor in any light wind and we could see wind chills as cold as the -20s and -30s.

A little bit of sun returns Monday, but it will remain very cold. Monday’s highs will range from around -7° in the east to around 3° out west. Wind chills will likely remain between -15° and -30° most of the day. Another dangerously cold night is in store Monday night with temperatures between -10° and -25°. Wind chill values could drop to as cold as -40° by Tuesday morning. Tuesday may be back above zero by the afternoon. Highs will mostly be in the low to mid single digits. there may be some upper single digits and lower teens out west. There may be a few spots that remain below zero in the east. We’ll see mostly cloudy skies and perhaps some very light snow Tuesday afternoon and evening. Temperatures will still likely slip below zero for another night Tuesday night with lows in the single digits below zero.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel as on Wednesday highs may return to the 10s. There may be some 20s out west. On Thursday, highs will range from the mid 10s east to the lower 30s west. These temperatures are expected to continue to warm up through the end of the week, although remain below average. One thing that will keep the area from reaching its full potential will be the deep snow cover that will take awhile to melt. There are signs that through the end of the month, that the arctic air will not return, which should help the progression of snow melt in the area. The next thing to watch will be the return of fog as the snow begins to melt.

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