How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For some couples, Valentine’s Day is a day full of love. For others, it may be a new relationship or dealing with financial issues.

It can be a tough day, worrying about a pricey purchase. 8 News Now has a few tips on how to feel comfortable in your gift-giving decisions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising everyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely this year, leaving much more room to create a romantic and personalized experience at home.

Above all, experts say it shouldn’t be about breaking the bank to show your valentine that you care.

Still, that doesn’t mean that people won’t spend to say “I love you.” The Retail Association of Nevada estimates that over 1 million Nevadans will spend about $210 million this weekend.

That’s on par for overall spending, but individual spending is expected to drop by about 16%, compared to last year. That amounts to about $164 on average.

While candy, flowers and cards are still the top gift, many are choosing less expensive options for gift giving. Instead, they are opting for more personal experiences as they celebrate at home.

Some are even skipping gift giving altogether.

But if you still want to give a gift and you’re on a budget, consider your options. Instead of an expensive dinner out, opt for a home-cooked meal or picnic. You could also consider a romantic movie night in, or even re-create your first date!

Relationship experts say especially with all the stress of the pandemic, it’s important to be aware of the pressure that can come with gift-giving and be transparent with your partner.

Find your own special ways to celebrate because it’s the thought that counts.

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