Quincy Medical Group offers new spinal stimulation technology

Quincy Medical Group offers new spinal stimulation technology

QUINCY (WGEM) — Quincy Medical Group doctors said there is hope in a new technology to bring relief to people who experience chronic pain.

Dr. Albert Singh said the Wave Writer Alpha allows patients to undergo spinal stimulation therapy and the device blocks signals in your body that release pain.

He said this new technology is for people who feel like they have tried everything, surgery, injections, medications, and nothing works.

“Patients that may want to have surgery, but are not deemed to be a surgical candidate,” Singh said.

“This is a therapy that provides them with the next steps so they don’t feel like they’re at the end of the road.”

He adds that patients, with lingering shingles pain or chemo nerve pain, can benefit from this device.

“There are a whole host of diagnoses that can respond to this. Folks that have been suffering from diabetes and develop neuropathy as a result of that in their legs and feet. These patients often complain of burning, tingling, numbness in the legs and feet,” Singh said. “They’re excellent candidates for this.”

Two QMG physicians were chosen to participate in a limited launch to offer this treatment to local patients.

Singh said your physician can refer you to get this treatment or you can request it.

He said you can “test drive” the treatment before you commit to have the device surgically implemented.

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