Why Budget 2021 should make space for technology & robotics adoption

Why Budget 2021 should make space for technology & robotics adoption

Budget 2021 should focus on enhancing productivity by incentivising the use of technology to make India ‘Atmanirbhar’ and future-ready, an official with industrial autonomous and AI technologies said on Sunday. India has, so far, seen very low robot adoption compared to its regional and global peers.

According to a recent study, the total number of jobs related to developing and deploying new technologies, like automation, AI and robotics-related applications, may grow to 20 to 50 million globally by 2030 and more than 375 million workers globally.

“Reduction of customs duty/IGST and providing tax breaks/incentives to robotics adopters can boost demand,” Hi- Tech Robotics Systemz founder & CEO Anuj Kapuria said.

It is among the first companies in industrial autonomous and AI technology in the country.

“For accelerating technology and R&D, setting up of robotics centres of excellence, incubation centres, continued research grants for robotics R&D and continuation of income tax deduction will be the key drivers,” he said.

Timely policy interventions can accelerate robotic adoption in manufacturing and warehousing. Special focus should be on warehouse automation where we have seen an increase in customer traction.

“These would boost the confidence of technology-driven industry players and strengthen the government’s Make in India for Global and Atmanirbhar Bharat vision, besides making a remarkable contribution to employment generation and will make Indian industry more efficient and surpass the global standard,” Kapuria said.

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