Steve Allen on breaking lockdown rules

Steve Allen on breaking lockdown rules

I realised this week that we are in a lockdown. It may sound like I am a little late to the party, not that we are allowed parties, but it’s important.

You can often hear me on radio getting stuck into the debate about lockdowns. Some people think we shouldn’t be in one and others think we should. While that debate is perfectly valid it is also worth remembering we are in one, whether you think it’s right or not.

It’s like being lost in a car. You can sit there in the passenger seat bringing up how you think we should have taken a left turn miles back but that won’t help you in the situation you currently find yourself in.

I’m annoyed by people who break lockdown rules because they’re making the lockdown last longer. Their excuses have been terrible. Take for example the house party that police officers were called to. When the cops turned up the partiers claimed that they hadn’t heard of the pandemic.

Let’s forget the maxim that ignorance of the law is no excuse and just imagine how disturbed those people would be. Since last March they must have been shocked to see the roads so quiet. When we all took part in Clap for Carers they must have thought they were getting a round of applause just for walking the dog.

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My favourite excuse was the man from Luton who drove to Devizes and claimed he was going to the McDonald’s. A great excuse if it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t a McDonald’s in Devizes and there are several in Luton.

If you were a passenger in his car you could tell him you should have turned left in Luton and found a local McDonald’s or you could tell him the quickest way back. What would you choose?

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