BREAKING: Chandler Challenges Walker in Bossier City Mayor’s Race

BREAKING: Chandler Challenges Walker in Bossier City Mayor’s Race

Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker will not win an unprecedented fifth term as mayor without a fight.

It looked as though the mayor would run unopposed, with no challengers qualifying for the office through noon Friday, and only hours remaining to qualify — but Bossier City businessman and fellow Republican Tommy Chandler is on his way to the Bossier Parish courthouse to qualify to run for the office this afternoon.

Was he waiting until the last hours of qualifying for dramatic effect and to possibly stoke interest in the campaign? No, not at all. Chandler said the reason for the delay was simple: his wife had to work Wednesday and Thursday and he couldn’t get the whole family together to go to the courthouse before Friday “after lunch.”

“My family means a lot to me,” Chandler told BossierNow. He said he wanted them to be with him when he qualified to run for Bossier City’s highest office.

“My family is very supportive” Chandler said. “I’ve lived here my whole life. My family has had a business here for 59 years. We’ve seen the good and bad … and we’ve been through all of it. I want to serve the people of Bossier City full-time. I want to see a better Bossier. I want to run Bossier like a business.”

Chandler mentioned bolstering police and fire services as priorities, as well as road improvements — all without raising taxes. 

One issue Chandler supports that Mayor Walker has obviously refused to endorse is term limits.

“There is a time for change. There needs to be a change,” Chandler said. “We need new ideas.”

Those ideas will be reflected in a ten-year plan for Bossier City that Chandler will release soon, he told BossierNow.

Chandler, 60, is the owner of T. H. Chandler Enterprises, a retailer of reclaimed wood building materials in Bossier City.

Mayor Lo Walker, 87, launched his reelection campaign in May 2019 seeking a history-making fifth term in office.

The election will be held on March 20, 2021.

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