Orchard Park restaurant the Mansard reels after break-in, rebounds with community’s help | Dining

Orchard Park restaurant the Mansard reels after break-in, rebounds with community's help | Dining

An image of a broken window shared on Facebook by the Mansard.

“When it first happened, I was numb,” Morgan said. “It’s so hard to wrap your head around – everything we’ve gone through and the next steps we had to take. … It took until I got home Monday night and broke down in tears and realized what happened.”

Morgan said she had a tough time estimating the damage, but between $2,500 in spoiled food and drink, the $15,000 in savings, the roughly $1,000 stained-glass window and the daily till, the total was well above $25,000. Orchard Park police said Thursday morning that the investigation was ongoing, and that any social media posts connecting two other nearby break-ins – at a State Farm and Flattery’s pub – were mere conjecture.

In true City of Good Neighbors fashion, the larger community rallied around the Mansard. A small group of tight-knit friends and family helped the owners clean up the shattered glass and board up the broken windows. Cash Register Sales Service, a local business on Union Road, rushed over to replace the cash register. 

Andrea Rozwood, a friend of the Morgans, started a GoFundMe to help recover some of the funds lost through the robbery; the fundraiser had gone over its goal of $15,000 on Thursday afternoon.

“As the GoFundMe began to grow, it brought a sense of relief to us – we weren’t panicked and scared anymore,” Morgan reflected. “It’s been a rough couple days but thankfully we have so many friends and family that support us that we’re lucky.”

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