PAAS, the Leader in Technology Spend Analytics, to Offer Clients Benchmarks within 24 to 48 Hours

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PAAS aggregates more than 5,000 unique technology suppliers and over 150 million anonymized data points in its proprietary spend analytics platform, PAAS360, which is built upon state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud infrastructure. PAAS uses this actual data, (not survey data), to benchmark more than 450 line items and produce a comprehensive variance and analysis of client pricing and terms.

“Technology is the fastest-growing category of indirect spend, and therefore, the most significant opportunity for savings,” said Eric Cunningham, PAAS CEO and Chief Customer Officer. “This new option allows a company of any size to immediately identify those opportunities, reduce their cost, and accelerate the procurement lifecycle.”

The new Benchmark by PAAS service is available to purchase for a single supplier agreement or as a subscription for access to multiple or unlimited agreements. PAAS offers diverse alternative subscription services and options that leverage their data analytics and procurement experts for negotiation coaching and assistance. Visit to request a benchmark analysis or consultation regarding their entire portfolio of services and a platform demonstration.

About PAAS:

PAAS is the global leader in technology spend analytics. Their technology procurement experts have negotiated more than $20 billion in technology agreements, resulting in a 15-30% reduction in technology costs. PAAS combines insights from PAAS360, their proprietary benchmarking platform, with access to an unrivaled executive-level supplier network to deliver optimal pricing and terms and a guarantee of five times ROI.

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