Fishers Health Department offering immediate standby list for vaccinations

Fishers Health Department offering immediate standby list for vaccinations

INDIANAPOLIS — Every dose of vaccine is critical to combating the spread of the coronavirus. It’s why the Fishers Health Department has created an immediate standby list for people willing to rush to get the shot.

“Every facility has to use their doses in increments of ten, but the appointments don’t always end in a factor of ten,” explained Fishers Public Health Director Monica Heltz. “Once you puncture the vial, you have to use everything in that vial in six hours, or you have to throw it away.”

If someone misses their appointment or is showing symptoms of the virus, that leaves them with leftover vaccine. Recently, the health department put out a COVID vaccine survey.

“It’s meant to be a list, so we can have active communication with anybody who is interested,” said Heltz. “So we can be the ones to actively notify them that their turn has come for the vaccine.”

So far, roughly 17,000 people have responded to the survey. Inside is a questionnaire for people who want to be on standby for the vaccine. Standby priority goes according to the state’s recommendations for risk factors. It takes into account aspects such as age, demographics, or if your job has an increased risk of infection.

“We usually make the calls an hour or two before we close the clinic, so we can make sure how many doses we are going to have left in the vial,” explained Heltz.

They ask that people on standby be able to get to a vaccination location within 30 minutes of the phone call. People can take the standby survey here on the Fishers Health Department website.

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