Editor’s Picks: Top 10 Health Affairs Articles In 2020 You May Have Missed

As we left behind a challenging year, I took some time to review the articles we published in 2020. As in prior years, I am sharing my top 10 picks for 2020. I look for papers that may not have received the attention I believe they deserve. I am particularly drawn to papers that ask important questions, make use of unique data sets or innovative methods, or have findings that lead to additional roads of inquiry.

My top 10 covers domestic and global health topics, and ranges from data on racial and ethnic disparities to challenges bringing together the health and social sectors to meet patient needs. I hope you will find these papers as interesting as I did, and I expect we will see more attention paid to these topics in the years to come.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Litigation has significantly affected the Affordable Care Act’s implementation.
  • Rates of severe maternal morbidity are growing and exhibit racial and ethnic disparities.
  • Supplementing the Earned Income Tax Credits can yield positive health gains for women without dependent children.
  • There is evidence for significant return on investment from global immunizations against pathogens.
  • Living in a community with low socioeconomic status reduces upward health mobility and increases downward health mobility for children.
  • High-deductible health plan enrollment is increasing over time for low-income, Hispanic, and Black adults, without similar rates of increase in health savings account participation.

Health Affairs is offering  my top 10 picks  as a collection of articles bundled for sale. This new “collected work,” along with 3 others, provides additional insights into the papers from Health Affairs editors. Other collected works include: the evolution of primary care; substance use; and Health Affairs’ 20 most-read papers in 2020.

Here are my picks for 2020:

  1. The ACA And The Courts: Litigation’s Effects On The Law’s Implementation And Beyond
    Timothy Stoltzfus Jost and Katie Keith (March)
  2. The Organizational Risks Of Cross-Sector Partnerships: A Comparison Of Health And Human Services Perspectives
    Shauna Petchel, Sherril Gelmon and Bruce Goldberg (April)
  3. Neighborhood Racial And Economic Polarization, Hospital Of Delivery, And Severe Maternal Morbidity
    Teresa Janevic et al. (May)
  4. The Health Effects Of Expanding The Earned Income Tax Credit: Results From New York City
    Emilie Courtin et al. (July)
  5. Return On Investment From Immunization Against 10 Pathogens In 94 Low- And Middle-Income Countries, 2011–30
    So Yoon Sim, et al (August)
  6. Restrictions On US Global Health Assistance Reduce Key Health Services In Supported Countries
    Jennifer Sherwood et al. (September)
  7. Childhood Origins Of Intergenerational Health Mobility In The United States
    Jason Fletcher and Katie Jajtner (October)
  8. Racial/Ethnic And Income-Based Disparities In Health Savings Account Participation Among Privately Insured Adults
    Jacqueline Ellison, Paul Shafer, and Megan B. Cole (November)
  9. Mitigating Health Disparities After Natural Disasters: Lessons From The RISK Project
    Ethan J. Raker et al. (December)
  10. Maternal Cash Transfers Led To Increases In Facility Deliveries And Improved Quality Of Delivery Care In Nigeria
    Edward N. Okeke, Zachary Wagner, and Isa S. Abubakar (June)


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