PS5 Users Say Their DualSense Adaptive Triggers are Breaking

PS5 Users Say Their DualSense Adaptive Triggers are Breaking

Over a month after the PlayStation 5’s release, some players are now reporting concerns about the DualSense’s adaptive triggers breaking.

Releasing more than a month ago, the PlayStation 5 remains one of the hottest video game products right now, especially since PS5 stock is still pretty much non-existent. Shortly after the PS5’s launch, players reported all sorts of errors and glitches, such as issues from downloading digital games to consoles getting bricked after entering Rest Mode.

Now, it appears that a new hardware issue has been discovered on the PS5’s DualShock controllers. According to some players who were lucky enough to secure a PS5, the DualSense’s adaptive triggers are starting to malfunction. One report revealed that while playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, they felt the R2 trigger snap, becoming loose and unresponsive. Other users share a similar experience, with some reports claiming that the R2 trigger is becoming less sensitive over time. At the moment, the internet is filled with homemade fixes to this problem, which suggests that more players are encountering this problem.

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It is still unclear just how widespread the issue is, but over 1,000 people have already reported experiencing the same problem with the DualSense’s adaptive triggers online. Of course, this current issue some players are encountering with the controller bears a striking resemblance to the problem faced by many Switch players with the console’s Joy-Cons. Since the Switch’s release in 2017, players reported experiencing the dreaded Joy-Con drift, which happens when the controller’s analog sticks would randomly move around and input commands on the console, even without any physical input from the player.


The Joy-Con drift problem quickly became a widespread issue, suggesting that the root of the problem lies within the controller’s design rather than other external factors. This led to multiple class-action lawsuits against Nintendo, and the company has since acknowledged the problem and issued an apology. At the moment, it remains unclear whether Sony is already aware of the DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers breaking. Still, the company will likely make a statement if more players report the same issue.

Meanwhile, a recent PS5 update introduced a major quality of life improvement for players who own the console. When playing games that include both a PS4 and PS5 version, the console would default to the PS4 version, making players think that the experience on the PS5 is not that different from its predecessor. The latest update is seeking to fix this problem by notifying players when they are using the last-gen version of a certain game. With this latest update, players can now rest easy that they will be playing the correct version of a game at all times.

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