Traffic technology helps Naples police track down suspects


Naples Police Department arrested a man for exposing himself to a jogger recently. They credit traffic technology for helping investigators to find and arrest him.

We learned Wednesday about how traffic cameras help police perform their duties.

When you start your car and drive down the streets in Naples, eyes are watching. Traffic cameras and license plate readers are helping police catch bad guys.

“Detectives were able to utilize those … put together a case,” said Bryan McGinn with NPD. “If we didn’t have those, I don’t know if we would have been able to solve it.”

With the growing use of body cameras, dash cams and traffic cameras, video storage can be expensive.

Florida Department of Transportation cameras only live stream. While Naples has around 50 traffic cams throughout the city, Marco Island doesn’t have one.

“In Florida, there’s a statewide policy where you cannot retain data for more than 30 days,” said Charlie Degliomini, the executive vice president of Rekor Systems. “Typically, if the data is captured, and it’s being used in an active investigation it can stay.”

Rekor Systems provides a real-time roadway intelligence in the state. Degliomini says more police departments are using cloud storage to cut costs.

“We’re able to identify not only the license plate but the make, model and color, where it’s going,” Degliomini said.

License plate readers are going to Marco Island soon. The city’s police department has plans to install the technology in just a couple months.

Police continue to utilize license plate reading technology to solve all sorts of crimes.

“It could also be looking for the uninsured vehicle, people with expired tags,” Degliomini said.

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