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SALISBURY — Active COVID-19 infections in schools were down somewhat as local districts released students for winter break.

As of Tuesday, there were active COVID-19 cases in 22 staff and 15 students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools.

The numbers change daily, and that figure has declined from a Dec. 11 report that there were 22 active cases in staff and 20 in students. However, the district sent 61 letters notifying families about new positives during the previous two weeks.

The quarantine figures also change constantly as some people are sent home only to be cleared of COVID-19 infection and allowed to return.

The main concern for RSS is if it will have enough staff to open schools at the beginning of January. It plans to make that call on Jan. 4, two days before classes restart. County health officials say spikes in COVID-19 cases can be seen 1o to 14 days after a holiday.

As of the state’s latest update on clusters in child care and school settings published Tuesday, neither RSS or Kannapolis City Schools had active clusters (five or more positives that can be connected to one another). District staff members who test positive may serve more than one school.

These are the new infections in RSS for the previous two weeks:

  • Hanford-Dole Elementary: One student
  • Bostian Elementary: One district staff dated Dec. 11, 1 district staff dated Dec. 17
  • Corriher-Lipe Middle: Three staff
  • Erwin Middle: Two staff
  • East Rowan High: One staff, three students
  • Faith Elementary: One student
  • Granite Quarry Elementary: Five staff, One student
  • Henderson Independent : One staff
  • Hurley Elementary: One student
  • Isenberg Elementary: Five staff
  • Carson High: Three students
  • Knollwood Elementary: Five staff
  • Knox Middle: One staff
  • Koontz Elementary: One student
  • Millbridge elementary: Two staff
  • Morgan: One district staff dated Dec. 11
  • North Rowan Elementary: One district staff dated Dec. 11
  • Overton Elementary: Three staff, One student
  • Rockwell Elementary: One student
  • Southeast Middle: One staff, Five students
  • Shive Elementary: Two staff
  • Salisbury High: Two staff, Three students
  • South High: One district staff dated Dec. 21, Five students
  • West Rowan Elementary: One staff
  • West Rowan High: Three students
  • West Rowan Middle: Two students
  • Carter Building: One staff
  • Transportation Department: One staff
  • Wallace Educational Forum: One staff

KCS released for the break on Friday, and the KCS Board of Education already made the call not return to in-person classes until after Jan. 15 on the recommendation of administration, citing concerns about infection rates.

KCS reported 16 new cases last week and about 1.5% of the district’s population in quarantine. A month ago, the district was reporting a 0.575% quarantine rate.

KCS reported 15 new cases for each of the weeks before that and 13 for the week of Nov. 23 to Nov. 29.

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