Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – November 2020 – World

Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - November 2020 - World


Democratic Republic of the Congo

31 October 2020: In Lisasa village, Beni territory, North Kivu province,
ADF fighters ransacked a health centre as part of a wider assault in the
area during which 21 people were killed and others kidnapped. Source:

07 November 2020: In the Kamayi area, Kananga city, Kasaï-Central
province, a health centre was ransacked by the family members of a
patient who died after a medical intervention. The perpetrators stole
medical equipment and supplies from the centre, as well as furniture.
Source: Radio Okapi


From 04 November 2020 onwards: In Mekelle city and special zone,
Tigray region, in the midst of the conflict between the Ethiopian Federal
Government and the regional ruling TPLF, travel restrictions have
prevented the import of medical supplies, depriving vulnerable
communities of essential healthcare resources. Source: BBC
Around 09 or 11 November 2020: In the Dansha area, Tigray region,
three Ethiopian Red Cross Society marked ambulances were fired at
by armed men amid active armed conflict between the Tigray People’s
Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF). No
casualties were reported. Sources: Addis Standard, Ethiopian Red
Cross Society and ICRC

19 November 2020: The Ethiopian National Defence Force chief
accused the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom – who is
of Tigrayan ethnicity – of lobbying for and seeking to arm the TPLF. The
Director-General has denied the accusations. Sources: BBC and The
New Arab

As reported on 21 November 2020: In an unspecified location, the
conflict between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the regional
ruling TPLF prompted staff of an unnamed hospital to flee from the
building, leaving patients without care. Source: The Telegraph


As reported on 11 November 2020: In Farabougou and Kourama
Koube villages, Segou region, intercommunal violence and government
counteractions resulted in the blockade of nearly 4,000 people, cutting
them off from basic services, including healthcare. Source: ECHO


25 November 2020: In Dombe town, Sussundega district, Manica
province, a vehicle belonging to the NGO ‘The US President’s
Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief’ (PEPFAR) was attacked by armed men, leaving three employees injured. The governor of Manica blamed the group known as ‘Renamo’s
Military Junta’ for the attack. Source: Club of Mozambique


01 November 2020: In Calabar city, Cross River state, unidentified perpetrators kidnapped a doctor of the
University of Calabar Teaching Hospital from his residence at Bateba Street for ransom. In response, on
04 November, the Nigerian Medical Association embarked on an indefinite strike until the victim is released.
Source: Eons Intelligence

21 November 2020: In Anyigba city, Dekina LGA, Kogi state, a doctor and medical director of the Peace
Hospital was abducted in front of his home by unidentified gunmen. The doctor’s wife and another man
were inside of the car with him but were ordered out by the kidnappers. Sources: Premium Times Nigeria
and Vanguard


18 November 2020: In Karan district, Mogadishu, an IED of unidentified origin hit an AU convoy, prompting
its forces and Somali troops to open fire on civilians, wounding a pharmacist amongst others. Source:
Garowe Online

30 November 2020: In Kismayo city, a male Somalian doctor was assassinated inside his pharmacy in the
evening by an unidentified gunman. Sources: Facility for Talo and Leadership, Garowe Online and
Radio Shabelle

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