AI-based technology for ICUs unveiled

AI-based technology for ICUs unveiled

AI-based technology for intensive care units has been unveiled at an online forum in Japan, as the number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients continues to rise.

A committee of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine organized the event on Sunday.

About 150 people took part. Many of them were healthcare workers involved in treating COVID-19 patients.

A group from Yokohama City University Hospital spoke about a system it is developing. The system’s artificial intelligence analyzes images from cameras installed on beds and predicts how a patient’s condition will change.

The group says additional beds for seriously ill COVID-19 patients have been put in remote areas at the hospital. Some people have expressed the concern that medical staff may be unable to closely monitor the conditions of those patients.

The group says it has been trying to determine whether the AI-assisted system will be helpful in such situations.

Another group from a hospital affiliated with Showa University unveiled AI technology that can predict how high a patient’s blood pressure will be in three hours’ time. The predictions are based on past data that has been fed into the AI system.

Blood pressure data is used as one of the indices to gauge the seriousness of a patient’s condition.

The event’s organizer also announced that the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine will create a non-profit organization with other parties. The organization will promote research aimed at finding ways in which AI can be used by healthcare professionals.

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