Break-in leaves Ya Halla Restaurant owners devastated during holiday season

Break-in leaves Ya Halla Restaurant owners devastated during holiday season

The family-owned business says it was scary, because nothing like this has happened to them over the past 11 years in business.

TOLEDO, Ohio — As if the pandemic hasn’t already hit restaurants hard enough, a break-in at a Toledo establishment has left the owners on edge. 

The break-in happened early Thursday morning when the restaurant was closed. 

Maha Abdo, co-owner of Ya Halla Restaurant on Alexis Road in Toledo, is asking the thieves to turn themselves in. 

“I was like so mad, you know, because we put all the effort, all the time, all like everything,” said Maha. “Money, everything into this place and want it to stay open.”

She, her husband and their children have owned and operated the restaurant for 11 years.

“It was kinda scary, because over the past 11 year,s nothing like this has ever happened to us. So for it to happen during a pandemic and when family businesses are already struggling to stay afloat, it kinda hit hard,” said her daughter, Malak Abdo.

The door has already been fixed, an expense that cost the family over $300. But, they say it’s about more than just the money.

“You don’t want it to happen to anybody. Especially when it’s your place. You built that place. It has a place in your heart. So everything counts for you,” said Maha.

“It was extremely devastating to be honest. Because basically this, the restaurant is my dad’s baby and he’s been working hard ever since he came to the states,” added Malak. 

The family believes the thieves broke in to steal money since they took off with a cash register. The register was empty.

“Nothing else was taken. Nobody was here, no lives were taken or no lives were at stake because were closed,” said Malak Abdo. 

Surveillance caught the thieves on camera. They Abdo family is asking you to call them or police if you have any information.

“I wish they like, they put themselves in our position and see how it feels,” said Maha. 

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