Thieves break into multiple Teller County mailboxes

Thieves break into multiple Teller County mailboxes

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) — As the holidays quickly approach, package safety is a must, whether it’s at your home or at your mailbox.

Commander Greg Couch with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office said, “Online shopping has soared because of Covid obviously so the more online shopping you have the more shipping that’s going to be involved and they are going to be leaving those packages out if they are not able to be secured.”

But it’s not just porch pirates you need to be aware of — in Teller County, thieves pried open multiple mailboxes stealing both mail and packages from them.

Couch said, “Mail was all over the place and it was obvious that someone had pried the door off the large mailbox and had taken some items.”

So how can you keep this from happening to you? Couch has a few suggestions, “If you can have someone else pick that up for you during the day so it doesn’t sit there all day long or if you are really worried about the package you can contact the shipper and say hold it at a facility and you can go pick it up.”

If you believe you have missing mail or packages, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office asks that you please contact them at 719-687-9652.

“Anytime you damage, touch mail property that’s not yours that can be a federal offense. We are working with the postal service to make sure they are involved in our investigation and any charges they would like to pursue we will support that,” said Couch.

As for the thieves that broke into the mailboxes last Friday, all four suspects were caught by law enforcement after a pursuit.

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