Skiers, snowboarders hit the slopes to get a break from stay-at-home routine

Skiers, snowboarders hit the slopes to get a break from stay-at-home routine

SODA SPRINGS, Calif. (KTXL) — Getting outside and getting some fresh air while skiing or snowboarding has always been a welcome escape for some but, of course, ski season is different this year. 

And because of that, going up to the mountain is more of a mental escape for people. 

“This is very important for people to be able to get out and have something to do,” said Tristan Taylor, who drove from Lake Almanor to Boreal Mountain Resort.

Night skiing at Boreal has been a popular event in years past, but with many aspects of life being restricted, the Friday night skiing crowd was larger than usual. 

“Because you are not just stuck in a confined space thinking to yourself, you are actually doing something,” said Ashley Chepel. 

Chepel and Max Fedorov, who both traveled to the Soda Springs ski resort from Sacramento, believed they went to the snow for the same reason as many others. 

“I think it’s because we have been sitting at home for so long. And there are people who have lost their jobs, and they just sit at home and they just need something to do to get their mind off of the cycle of doing the same thing over and over again,” Fedorov told FOX40. 

California recently put out its COVID-19 guidelines for ski resorts. 

At Boreal, all customers were kept outside, with the exception of using the bathroom. Signs requiring face mask use at all times were displayed all around. 

For Taylor, it was a great example of fun and pandemic safety. 

“And most people wear a mask anyways while they are skiing or snowboarding. It’s cold,” Taylor said. “So, I think that this is definitely something that’s easily more providable for the community and it’s safe.” 

Even though skiing and snowboarding are happening at Boreal, the skate park at Woodward Tahoe venue will remain closed because it’s indoors. 

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