Column: New self-serve technology is here to help you | Arcadian

Column: New self-serve technology is here to help you | Arcadian

In today’s column I’m taking this opportunity to update our subscribers on some of the exciting improvements we’ve been investing in at your newspaper to modernize our subscriber services.

The Daily Sun and Venice Gondolier have been working very hard on the installation of a new circulation system the past several months. We’ve been through this process in the past, but it’s been many years since we’ve changed the entire system to a new vendor. This new circulation system is the latest technology and is being implemented across all 127 Adams Publishing Group (APG) newspapers in the United States.

As with any system upgrade, we’ve bumped into some miscues, which resulted in a highly unusual amount of phone calls to our customer service department. We received more calls than we can normally handle on any given day the past several weeks. We’re working through those issues and apologize for any inconvenience to our subscribers. We want your customer service experience with your newspaper to be seamless.

This upgraded system manages all of the subscriber accounts, carrier routes, mailroom packaging, retail distribution and website access. It’s a highly complicated system that requires a tremendous amount of work from our circulation management team, customer service representatives, information technology team, corporate circulation team and our new system partner. We started this venture back in June in preparation for the massive data transfer and set up of all the coding needed to link the systems together in a similar fashion to the way we were set up with the old system.

This new circulation system will provide our subscribers modern technologies that we all use with most of the companies we interact with regularly. We will always have our customer service representatives available to assist you, but we need to offer our customers self-serve options as well. Most of us have naturally adapted to self-serve technologies because they’ve become more intuitive and easier to use over the years.

For years, we’ve had many of our customers asking us when we would implement self-serve technologies so they could manage their accounts without calling us or stopping by our offices when the phone lines are busy. We’re very pleased to announce that the time has come and those self-serve technologies are now available.

You can go to and register or login if you already have an existing user name or password. There’s a horizontal menu bar on that offers you the opportunity to manage your subscription if you’re already logged in as a user, register as a new user (you will need your account number) or login. This manage-your-subscription option enables you to perform a number of automated transactions, such as starting or renewing a subscription, updating billing information, adding a vacation hold, changing addresses or reporting a delivery issue.

Sometimes, certain browsers cause issues with new logins. If you have any issues with logging in or registering we’ve included the following link to help you troubleshoot the issues:

I also want to remind all of our print subscribers that your subscription includes full access to our website and e-edition at no additional charge. You can sign up for our many newsletters and breaking news alerts as well. Just go to and register with your account number. This is a great way to stay up on the local news and information all day long.

All of us at The Daily Sun and Venice Gondolier are committed to delivering comprehensive local news when it happens.

On behalf of all of us at The Daily Sun and Venice Gondolier, we thank you for being a valued subscriber.

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